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Filgen, the pioneer fabricator of fans and blowers in the Philippines, was founded in l960 by Mr. Juan Gotauco, a mechanical engineering graduate of the University of the Philippines. It was set up to engage primarily in the fabrication, contracting, estimate, design, installation and servicing of parts, spare parts and finished product for air conditioning and refrigeration.

Presently, we design and fabricate complete line of industrial fans and blowers for air conditioning, air handling equipment such as ventilation, exhaust, pollution control devices, and pneumatic conveying of materials.

Filgen designed catalogues are being used as fundamental guidelines for many fans and blowers manufactured in the Philippines. Our products laid down the industry standard due to the constant R&D improvement of our technical designs. All fans and blowers are statically and dynamically balanced. In-house softwares and test procedures in accordance to AMCA 210 are used to evaluate test results to enhance optimum efficiency of all our products.