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All Filgen fans and blowers are statically and dynamically balanced to industry standards.

Cabinet Centrifugal Inline Fans Cabinet Centrifugal Inline Fans are used as supply air usually with filters ranging from 35% efficiency to 97% Hepa filters.
BCH Turbo blowers BCH Turbo Blowers for dust collector are used for industrial processing such as freeze drying coffee, noodles processing and compression of fiberglass.
Vaneaxial Fan Vaneaxial Fans are compact in design and can be used for high volume flow and static pressure up to 3 inches.
Tubular Inline Centrifugal Blowers Tubular Inline Centrifugal Blowers are compact, it is used for areas where space is limited. The picture shown is with 97% hepa filter and 35% efficiency pre-filter.
BCA Airfoil Fans BCA Airfoil Fans Series 800 is a result of careful design and exhaustive testing. The shape of the airfoil alone required extensive research and series of test work before it was produced.
Roof Ventilator Roof Ventilators are used to ventilate general areas of factories or warehouses.
BCF Series 800 BCF Series 800 is tested and installed in various establishments, its non-overloading characteristic and high efficiency performance is ideal for general air passage requirements.
FC Centrifugal Blowers FORWARD CURVE Blowers Series 800 are multi-bladed and designed to deliver large volumes of air when operating at the lowest possible rotative and peripheral speeds.
PW series blowers PW Series Blowers are portable direct driven dust collectors.
High Velocity Air Curtain High Velocity Air Curtains are used at loading bays and cold storage areas where doors are open most of the time.