Filgen FC Centrifugal Blowers

Filgen FORWARD CURVE BLOWERS Series 800 are multi-bladed and designed to deliver large volumes of air when operating at the lowest possible rotative and peripheral speeds. Ideal for heating, ventilating, air conditioning and industrial process duties. They can be used for all types of air-moving applications where relatively clean air is moved. Ruggedly built, quiet operating and dependable. FC blowers will perform year after year requiring minimum attention.

The forward curved blades are die formed for perfect uniformity, which are welded or riveted to a heavy steel rim and backplated. Large capacity, low speed and quiet operation are inherent characteristics of this type of wheel and the universal acceptance by engineers and architects proves it effectiveness and dependability. Tension rods and torque braces are furnished on the large sizes and/or for Class 2 services to insure complete rigidity. All wheels are given a careful static and dynamic balance before delivery.

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